How to create a printable calendar directly in your desktop calendar software

When you think of how to use desktop calendar, you remember such options as scheduler, alarm clock, reminder, background manager and the calendar itself. Have you ever thought of using day planner calendar software as a tool for creating printable calendars? No? Let’s talk about it.

Screen Calendar has all the features of calendar scheduling software. And it also has a print option. This option gives a lot of possibilities – from printing your notes to creating amazing printable calendars. You can print:

  • desktop calendar as is
  • calendar for the current or for the next month without background
  • notes for various time periods
  • background image only.

If you want to create printable monthly calendars, the first option – to print desktop calendar as is – is exactly what you need. What does this option allow? It allows printing what you have on your desktop – a background image with calendars for the current month, for the current and the first half of the next month, or for two months (depending on what settings you choose for calendar view). Screen Calendar doesn’t print desktop icons, so they won’t spoil your calendar. You’ll get not a desktop snapshot, but a nice monthly calendar with background image.

Desktop calendar created with Screen Calendar is fully customizable, so you are able to choose whatever colors, fonts and styles to create your personalized calendars, just like in a special calendar making software. You can choose the position of the calendar and place it on any place of your desktop and your printable calendar. Besides, you can choose calendar background (which is your desktop wallpaper). And all this beauty on your desktop can be easily printed directly from the program.

 Monthly printable calendar

Screen Calendar allows creating and printing both full-screen and small calendars. Full-screen calendar can be transparent or semi-transparent, thus your background image will still be seen through the calendar.

 Monthly printable calendar


Blank calendar grid, full-screen or small monthly calendar of any design, color, transparency and size – Screen Calendar can create and print whatever you want.

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